International Human Rights Law Association

Mission: The purpose of the International Human Rights Law Association (IHRLA) is to provide a student-led forum for developing knowledge, sharing experiences and promoting career opportunities within the field of international human rights law at the UCLA School of Law. IHRLA endeavors to work closely with the International Human Rights Program and other organizations, both on and off campus, to provide meaningful opportunities for learning, project-based research and career assistance to students within the law school.

Currently IHRLA is working on the following projects: (1) a website/blog where students and faculty can analyze and discuss current events in the field of international human rights; (2) an online career resource specifically designed to assist students in developing an effective and rewarding career path; and (3) the development and sponsorship of an alternative spring break program to provide students with reliable and consistent opportunities to gain overseas experience in the field.

Since IHRLA is a new organization, there are numerous opportunities for UCLA Law students of all years to actively and substantially get involved in the organization's development and projects.


IHRLA MyLaw Site (internal users only)